Project Profiles: System Design
Transmission Design Project
The Middleborough Gas & Electric Department contracted with PLM to provide engineering and design services for a new 3.75 mile 115kV overhead transmission circuit. The project established a second 115kV delivery point to enhance customer service and address rapidly growing load levels.
Municipal Substation & Distribution Conversions
The Town of Wolfboro Electric Department's distribution system was operating entirely at 4.16kV and the Town was relying on expensive on-site diesel generation to relieve its fully loaded substation facilities during peak load periods. PLM began with a System Planning Study to address thermal overloads, low voltage, inadequate reactive support and other unacceptable conditions. Based on the Study recommendations, PLM prepared design and contract documents for the construction of a new open bus 34.5kV to 12.5kV substation. The project also included preparing design and contract documents for the rebuilding and conversion of a major portion of the 4.16kV distribution system to 12.47 kV operation.
GIS Indoor 115kV Switchgear
The Norwood Municipal Light Department needed to construct a second 115 to 13.8 kV substation. After a comprehensive system planning study and much community input, it was decided that an indoor substation utilizing 115kV GIS equipment was the design of choice. PLM assisted with permitting at the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board in order to obtain permission to construct a 2.2 mile underground extension of the 115 kV system. PLM prepared design and contract documents for the 115 kV GIS switchgear and all other major substation equipment, underground ducts and manholes along busy US Route 1 and 115 kV underground cable turnkey installation.
Design-Build Substation
This "design-build" project had an extremely aggressive schedule. The PLM engineers coordinated the design and schedule with the constructor, the upstream utility, the project owner and the owner's independent engineer. The substation was completed on time and within budget. The project received a nationally recognized award for "outstanding engineering and operations design."
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