Services: Planning
Long and Short Range System Planning Economic Alternative Evaluations
Load Flow & Voltage Studies Capacitor Placement Studies
Equipment Thermal Rating Analysis Substation Grounding Analysis
Equipment/ Facilities Evaluations Electrogeometric Lightning Shielding Analysis
Substation Siting Analysis Transmission Routing Studies

Facility Permitting/Regulatory Support
System Operations & Loss Studies
On-site Generation Studies System Design Criteria
Reliability Evaluations    
Planning Details
PLM has performed dozens of system planning studies. Each study begins with an agreed upon System Design Criteria, that sets forth the client requirements and expectations. In addition to cost, external factors, such as permitting requirements, interconnection requirements, aesthetic impacts, etc. are always considered when developing alternative plans and making final recommendations.
Planning Project Profiles
University System Study
Electric System Capacity Study

Municipal Electric System Load Flow Analysis
Electric System Operating Description
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